In just under a minute, during the afternoon of March 19, 2011, Upper Bucks Y Swim Team member Mike Dierolf broke the 100 yard freestyle record that had stood since 1986. His time of 55.78 seconds placed him 4th at the PA State East/West Championships, where he also placed 4th in the 50 yard freestyle. Earlier in the season he also broke the 50 yard freestyle record with a time of 25.43 which was set in 1988.


UBYMCA Aquatics Team

Often referred to as America's leading swim instructor, YMCAs have been teaching people to swim for more than 100 years. Participation in the Upper Bucks YMCA Aquatic program includes parent/tot introductory programs, preschool swim lessons, youth progressive swim lessons (the YMCA's third most widely offered program nationwide), swim teams, adult water exercise classes, Special Populations swimming, lap swimming and family fun. We urge you to visit our facility which includes a 6-lane, 25-yard swimming and fitness pool as well as a family recreation pool featuring a two-story slide and other water features.

Pool Rules

A pool schedule is available on this website (see Brochures and Schedules).  During open swim times, children 8 years and under must be accompanied by an adult, 18 and older.  Ages 9-11 must have an adult on the premises unless enrolled in a Y program.

General Pool Rules for All Swimmers

  1. Please shower from head to toe before entering pool.
  2. Hair touching shoulders must be put into a ponytail, braid or bathing cap.
  3. Masks, fins and snorkels can be worn with the permission of the lifeguard on duty.
  4. Bathing suits must be appropriate. No cut-offs or thongs.
  5. No one is to be thrown into or around the pool or to be on another swimmer’s shoulders.
  6. No running.
  7. No food or drink in the pool area.
  8. No diving in shallow water.
  9. No cannon balls, twists, flips, back jumps or back dives.
  10. Individuals need to be at least 48” tall to ride the slide.
  11. Street shoes and strollers must remain in the locker room area. They are not permitted on the pool deck.

Pool Rules for Children

  1. Children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper.
  2. Any child needing flotation devices must wear YMCA-provided bubbles only. No other flotation devices are permitted. In addition, the child must be within an arm-length of an adult guardian at all times while in the pool.
  3. Children wearing flotation devices are not permitted in the deep end.
  4. Any child who wants to swim in the deep end must first swim one (1) length of the pool AND tread water for one (1) minute for the guard on duty. This must be done each time the child swims.

YMCA Swim Lessons:  Swim Instruction for Everyone

There is a reason why the YMCA is referred to as America’s Favorite Swim Instructor. During YMCA Swim Lessons, not only are students taught to swim, they also learn about themselves, aquatics safety, boating safety and rescue skills, and about water activities they can enjoy for a lifetime of fitness. Best of all, it makes them feel proud of what they have accomplished.

Swim instruction is caring and personalized, run by staff with a combined 100+ years of Aquatics experience. A variety of classes are offered to meet your family’s needs during mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends. Class sizes are determined by considering the safety factors and the age of the participants.

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YMCA Water Fitness

YMCA Water Fitness is water exercise, but that doesn’t mean it’s a light exercise program. In fact, water fitness can provide heavy duty workouts for athletes, build muscles and increase cardio-respiratory endurance. It can also help people with medical conditions or disabilities get a more vigorous workout than they could on land. The best thing about water fitness is that it is accessible to almost everyone of every age, with no swimming skills needed.

The water fitness instructors at the Y are certified by nationally recognized agencies such as United States Water Fitness Association, FiTour and others. A variety of classes are offered so that health seekers of all ages and abilities are able to take advantage of the power of water fitness.

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YMCA Competitive Swim Teams

The Y offers the Barracudas competitive swimming team.

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